Kenneth Haines, recently appointed as the president of the Shreveport Bar Association, sheds light on the pressing demand for legal assistants and paralegals in the legal profession. In his article, Haines emphasizes the challenges faced in recent years and outlines a strategic vision for the future. The focus for 2024 is to revive local paralegal programs, increase enrollment, and graduate skilled assistants to meet the growing needs of the Shreveport Bar. Haines, along with Executive Director Dana Southern, aims to reestablish a robust foundation for the Association of Legal Assistants, Paralegals, and Support Staff Professionals. The plan includes revitalizing the local paralegal and legal assistant association, forming a committee to organize local legal paraprofessionals, and providing a platform for firms to post job openings, thereby fostering a well-prepared workforce for the legal community. For a detailed exploration of these strategies, refer to the full article in the January 2024 edition of The Bar Review, the official publication of the Shreveport Bar Association.