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Employees Have Rights

While an employer has much of the power in the employer-employee relationship, employees do have some rights that are guaranteed to them under state and federal law. When those rights are violated, employees have a right to seek redress in court.

The Shreveport employment law attorneys at Weems, Schimpf, Haines, Shemwell & Moore (APLC), represent the rights of workers who have pay and overtime violations under wage and hour laws, and employment contracts. We help our clients stand up for their rights in negotiations and in court .

Employee Overtime Pay Lawsuits

Sometimes employers misclassify their employees as exempt "managers," "executives" or "independent contractors" as a way to prevent those employees from receiving overtime pay. Examples of employees who are misclassified include "managers" in restaurant chains who are still required to wait tables or work the cash register, and IT workers who install and maintain computer software and equipment.

Wage and hour lawsuits also arise when employers do not pay employees for all the hours worked. These cases involve employers who force employees to work "off the clock" in order to get the job done. IT industry workers and others who feel they are not being paid for all the hours they work should learn more about their legal rights by contacting Weems, Schimpf, Haines, Shemwell & Moore (APLC).

ERISA Lawsuits

Employees and/or retirees can experience interference with their interests under the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Among its provisions, ERISA recognizes that pension and 401(k) plan trustees owe a fiduciary duty to the participants and beneficiaries in these pension plans.

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