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Why are head-on collisions so dangerous?

A head-on collision in Louisiana can leave you fighting for your life. Very rarely do victims of head-on collisions walk away with only minor injuries.

In an instant, you could suffer a debilitating injury that creates lifelong difficulties. Your understanding of the reasons why head-on collisions have such devastating results may help you determine your next steps.

Blunt-force trauma

A crash squarely into the front end of another vehicle can have such brute force that a vehicle’s occupants suffer alarming and debilitating force. Such trauma can cause damage including internal bleeding, brain aneurysms and crushing injuries. Many head-on collisions happen at a high rate of speed leaving you little time to react and move out of the way. Two vehicles coming at each other, both going quickly, intensifies the speed which often has detrimental outcomes even if you wear your seatbelt.

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries can also happen as the result of a head-on collision. According to The Mayo Clinic, spinal cord injuries can trigger paralysis. If you suffer a paralyzing injury, you may need to completely relearn how to do tasks as simple as brushing your teeth or putting on socks. You may need to rely on friends and family to care for you and assist you with daily living. While you recover, you may need to take a substantial amount of time away from work which could have detrimental effects on your career. Living with paralysis is something many people have successfully done with a lot of work and the right support.

Given the devastation of many injuries resulting from a head-on collision, you may need an advocate to help you get compensation. Your injuries may have particularly devastating impacts on your life if they resulted because of someone else’s negligence. An attorney can help you organize the facts of your case and present them in a manner that shows the impact of your accident on the rest of your life.

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