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What are some possible signs of parental alienation?

In the time following a divorce, many parts of your life and your children’s lives may change.

While those changes can be mostly good, you may also notice an increase in disruptive behavior and arguments. Learning about the signs of parental alienation is important for anyone who suspects that their ex-spouse is trying to influence their children in a negative way.

Unexpected changes in schedules

According to Psychology Today, an ex-spouse that is trying to separate you from your children may purposefully not tell you about school meetings or other important events in your children’s life. They may hide papers or instruct children to not mention these events to you when they visit.

You may also notice that your children get dropped off later than usual or that your ex-spouse picks them up earlier than you both agreed on before. This kind of unexpected change is a way to make you feel nervous about your place in the family and distant from your children.

Repeated phrases

When your children speak to you, you may notice that they use phrases or words that your ex-spouse uses to describe you. These are typically negative, and your ex-spouse may even tell them private or false information in order to make you look like an unfit parent. These lies or stories can also make your children nervous to talk about their own lives to you.

Increased fighting

If you notice a severe increase in screaming matches or disrespectful behavior from your children, then it may originate from your ex-spouse’s influence. In order to destroy the bond between you both, your ex-spouse may encourage these arguments and negativity. Noticing when these signs increase can help you determine what to do next.

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