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Visitation rights in Louisiana

Whether you recently split up with your child’s other parent and you worry about the inability to spend time with your child, you want to secure visitation rights to see your grandchild or you have concerns about your child’s best interests, it is pivotal to review various topics regarding visitation. In Louisiana, there are many factors that affect one’s ability to obtain visitation.

Understanding laws related to visitation and other issues involving children could play a significant role in your ability to protect your relationship with your child or a child in your family.

Parent and grandparent visitation

The Louisiana State Legislature says that parents who do not have custody rights can secure visitation rights, so long as it is in the child’s best interests. Aside from a child’s parents, other people can obtain visitation rights, in certain instances. For example, courts can award visitation rights to grandparents, if doing so is in a child’s best interests. In fact, other relatives can gain visitation rights in extraordinary circumstances, such as a parent abusing illegal drugs.

Visitation rights and a child’s best interests

There are various factors that courts assess when making decisions regarding visitation and determining what serves a child’s best interests. Courts consider a parent’s right to make important decisions in their child’s life, as well as a child’s preferences. The court also looks at the physical and mental health of the child and the individual seeking visitation rights, as well as the quality and length of their relationship.

If you want to obtain visitation rights to spend time with your child or a child in your family, make sure you review these issues closely to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

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