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How should you discuss estate planning with your elderly parents?

When thinking of important topics that impact your elderly parents, you may shy away from starting a discussion out of fear or confusion.

Taking the first steps when talking about estate planning with them can help you both become more organized. Following a few tips allows you to have a productive talk about assets and heirlooms.

Find a better place

According to Kiplinger, one of the first steps in this process is deciding where you want to gather everyone in a group. An important discussion about topics like death and money often requires a space that feels calm and neutral in order to prevent arguments.

Some members of the family may not immediately feel comfortable speaking up or questioning other people. Picking an environment that feels right, such as a favorite restaurant or open living room at home, can help them to feel better when you first bring up the subject.

Take time to listen

While you may have opinions and worries of your own, being attentive to what your parents say can help you all communicate respectfully. Noting all of their fears and hopes is one way to get an idea of what they want in their estate plan.

Since this is such a sensitive topic, taking turns or setting up rules for who speaks could be a plan you want to adopt.

Come prepared

Once you have talked about this subject as a general idea, you may want to gather more information about wills and executors to show your parents the next time you meet.

After spending more time understanding the estate planning process, they may feel more at ease.

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