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Tips for avoiding alcohol related car accidents

There were a record number of deaths on Louisiana highways in 2021 with 914 highway crashes in the state that caused 997 deaths. About 40% of the state’s highway deaths involved alcohol use.

These tips can help you avoid alcohol-related car accidents.

Reasons impaired drivers cause accidents

Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol may drive recklessly, swerve or turn abruptly, drive too fast, tailgate or drive the wrong way on streets and highways.

Tips for avoiding alcohol-related car accidents

There are several steps you can take to reduce your chance of an accident with a drunk driver:

  1. Be a designated driver.

Anyone with a blood-alcohol concentration above 0.08% is drunk according to Louisiana law. However, even small amounts of alcohol can impair your driving ability. Avoid drinking and driving and don’t ride with anyone who has been drinking. Offer to be a designated driver for your companions who plan to drink alcohol.

  1. Maintain a safe distance.

You should always maintain a safe distance from cars in front of you in case the driver needs to make an emergency stop. If you notice the car in front of you is weaving, braking repeatedly, moving erratically or not signally properly, increase the distance between your vehicles.

  1. Avoid driving at night when possible.

Late nights, particularly on Friday and Saturday, are the most likely times to encounter an impaired driver. Avoid driving at these times whenever possible.

  1. Don’t confront drunk drivers.

If you suspect someone is driving drunk, pull off the road and call the police with a description of the vehicle.

Drunk drivers can cause severe injuries and deaths on the road. These safe driving tips can help you avoid serious accidents.

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