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Signs that you have a head injury

When you think about brain trauma, you may think of physical signs like a forehead gash. The reality is that any traumatic event that causes your head to move sharply in one direction or the other may result in brain injury.

Keep an eye out for some of the signs and symptoms that your car accident caused a delayed onset brain injury.

What about that headache?

A headache after a crash may not seem like a big deal, and while stress may cause it, there are definite signs of something more going on. Any head pain that worsens in the hours and days following an accident may point to an underlying brain injury.

Do you have vision or other sensory problems?

The brain controls every aspect of your body, so if something starts to malfunction, you should pay attention. If your vision becomes blurry or your ears begin to ring, it could point to a problem with the brain’s sensory areas.

Is your sleep disrupted?

Sleep disruptions are a common sign of stress, so it is not strange to have some in the evening following a car accident. However, when the issue continues, and you either cannot sleep or feel like sleeping too much, your brain could have damage.

An underlying brain injury may mean anything from a slight bleed to a bruise. While these may resolve without long-term impacts, a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan may help stave off a serious and permanent issue. Getting help sooner after a crash may help save your life.

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