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3 ways to improve a co-parenting plan before divorce

A divorce can affect your mental, emotional and physical health. According to the World Population Review, the United States has a 50% divorce rate, and 11.6% of the population of Louisiana married and then divorced.

When it is just you and your spouse, splitting the assets and estate can be easy. When you have kids, the situation becomes infinitely more complicated when you discuss custody, child support and co-parenting. If you are your spouse plan to co-parent, remember these tips.

1. Understand the emotional and physical needs of the children

An ideal parenting plan considers the children’s best interests first. Your co-parenting plan will look different than another’s. Consider the developmental age of your children when designing your plan. Pay close attention to the distance between your new homes, the distance between home to school and the work schedules of each parent.

2. Choose your own schedule

A 50/50 split does not look the same for every family. Your co-parenting schedule should reflect the things your children feel are important. You may choose a bi-weekly rotation, or any other schedule that allows your children to thrive. Some examples are the following:

  • A 2-2-3 rotation where children go two days with each parent, then a three-day weekend that alternates each time.
  • A 2-2-5-5 rotation where children do two days with each parent, then five days with each.
  • A 3-3-4-4 that functions similarly, but with different numbers of days between shifts.

3. Know who makes big decisions

If you share custody of your children, create a method for making big decisions about them before you settle your divorce This could include medical care, cultural influences, education and religious practices.

Children do not have to be casualties of divorce when both parents commit to a co-parenting plan that works.

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