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When is a broken bone more serious?

Broken bones are common injuries. However, many factors go into determining the severity of a break.

A broken bone may rise to a catastrophic injury if they lead to a significant change in the way you live your life. Take a look at some things that contribute to the severity of a broken bone.

What type of break is it?

Bone breaks fall into several categories. A bone that breaks but does not produce an open fissure between bone fragments is the least serious for long-term recovery. On the other extreme are compound fractures, which result in complete separation and snapping of the bone that may require several surgeries and a change in life as a result.

Where did the bone break?

Car crashes often cause bones in the extremities to break. This is due to the stress of the force moving from the vehicle directly into these body parts. The wrists, forearms and legs are the most susceptible to serious breaks in crashes.

Did it open a wound?

Compound fractures may cause significant damage to the surrounding tissues. If the force is severe enough, the bone may tear through the muscle and the skin, opening a wound. This kind of damage may result in serious infection. Doctors often need to repeat surgeries to remove affected tissue before closing the wound. In the most serious cases of infection, doctors may need to amputate the limb to stop it from spreading.

When you have suffered a bone break due to someone else’s negligence, you may want to ask for help with financial recovery.

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