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How can I keep my kids safe when biking?

Bicycle accidents often result in severe injuries to the bicyclist. While they share the road with motor vehicles, bicyclists do not have to have a license or any type of training.

As a parent, you can ensure your children know how to safely ride on the roadways. By preparing them, you may help them to avoid serious accidents.

Review road rules

Bicyclists should know the rules of the road, which are the exact same as for drivers. You need to cover important points, such as the right of way, stopping at stop signs and lights, watching out for reckless drivers and being cautious at intersections. Your children may not be old enough to understand all the details of the road laws, but they should know these basic things before they ride on the road without an adult present.

Set your own rules

You need to set rules for your children to keep them safe. Only you know what they can handle, so you need to be in charge to keep them safe. For example, younger children may not be ready to ride on the road alone, so you may make a rule that they must be with you or an older sibling or they cannot ride on the roads. You may set boundaries for how far away they can ride, or you may restrict them to being on the roads only during certain hours. Whatever rules you set, make sure that you keep them consistent and always follow them.

While teaching your kids rules and safety tips is a great start, you may also want to look for classes in your local area that offer bike safety courses. Taking a course from a professional can help to ensure your kids know everything they need to stay safe when riding their bikes.

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