Is Spousal Support
an Option?

Spousal support is often a contentious issue in a divorce. Disputes related to support can derail a divorce and lead to bitter fights. At Weems, Schimpf, Haines & Moore (APLC), we protect our clients’ rights and ensure that they get their deserved support outcome.

Louisiana’s spousal support law provides for two types of spousal support or alimony:

  • Interim periodic spousal support, which is support a spouse can get while the divorce is in process
  • Final period spousal support, which is support a spouse can receive after the divorce is final

Final period spousal support is available if:

  • You were free from fault in the cause leading to the dissolution of the marriage
  • You can’t support yourself on your own income
  • The other party has the ability to pay alimony or spousal support

Final period spousal support is generally less than the amount a spouse can receive as interim periodic spousal support. Family law limits alimony or spousal support to one-third of the payer’s net income, and it can change if the financial circumstances of either party change. Alimony terminates if the party receiving it remarries or lives with another person in the manner of being married (known as open concubinage).

Talk to a Spousal Support
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