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Was The Property Owner To Blame?

We’ve all been shopping at warehouses and big-box retailers where merchandise is stacked on high racks and shelves in the main part of the store. While the retailer may save money on warehouse space, the simple act of shopping puts people in a dangerous environment where they can be struck by falling merchandise.

Types Of Premises Liability Claims

Our premises liability lawyers represent people who are victims of injuries caused by the negligence of property owners, including:

  • Falling merchandise
  • Inadequate security or lighting, resulting in rapes and assaults in parking lots and other areas used by the public
  • Dangerous property conditions, such as missing railings, nonstandard stairs, and rotten boards in decks
  • Serious dog bites as a result of failure to warn visitors or restrain the animal

Our lawyers obtained a $5 million verdict for a woman who was severely injured when a locker fell off a shelf at a Wal-Mart store and struck her on the head. The woman incurred more than $200,000 in medical expenses as the result of her injuries.

If you have been severely injured and don’t have insurance, our lawyers may be able to refer you to doctors who will provide the medical care you need without receiving payment until you make a recovery from your personal injury lawsuit.

Initial consultation: Contact a premises liability lawyer at Weems, Schimpf, Haines, Shemwell & Moore (APLC). No attorney fees unless we collect compensation for you.

Our Premises Liability Attorneys

Combined, Carey Schimpf, and Kenneth P. Haines have over 50 years of legal experience handling personal injury cases. All of our personal injury attorneys have vast jury trial experience.


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