Compensation for Truck
Accident Victims

To recover the maximum compensation in a trucking accident case, you need a lawyer who understands the laws and regulations that apply to the interstate trucking industry. Contact the trucking accident lawyers at Weems, Schimpf, Haines & Moore (APLC) for a consultation.

Heavy trucks (whether they are called semis, tractor-trailers, or 18-wheelers) carrying loads across state lines are governed by the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC). Each truck is issued a license and number, which should be displayed on the vehicle. To maintain that license, the vehicle must carry special insurance to compensate victims of trucking accidents. If not, the trucker’s employer is personally liable for injuries and traffic deaths.

Northern Louisiana has two major interstate highways, I-49 and I-20, which handle most of the heavy truck traffic and where the majority of trucking accidents occur. Logging trucks used by the timber industry often drive smaller state highways, such as roads leading in and out of the Kisatchie National Forest.

Helping You Collect Compensation
for Driver and Company Negligence

Our car accident lawyers are familiar with both the state and federal ICC regulations that apply to the trucking and logging industries.

For example:

  • Truckers are limited in the number of hours they can drive without taking a rest break.
  • Truckers are required to maintain logbooks to ensure they don’t violate the hours of service rules.
  • Trucking companies are required to hire qualified drivers and must properly maintain their vehicles.
  • Logging trucks cannot operate after dark and must contain flags, lights, or reflectors on the back of their loads.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, our personal injury lawyers will immediately investigate to find out if the driver or trucking company was negligent by violating any state or federal regulations.

Our law firm obtained a million-dollar settlement for a passenger of a car that ran into a logging truck that was parked in the driveway of a timber plant with logs extending into the roadway. After a careful investigation, our lawyers determined that the trucker arrived at the timber park at dusk and parked in the driveway because there was no room inside the plant. Our lawyers proved that the trucker and the timber plant were negligent and caused our client’s injuries.

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