Skilled Guidance for Successions

Probate proceedings are called successions in Louisiana. Our probate attorneys represent executors and heirs throughout the probate/succession process of submitting a will to the court, paying legitimate bills, and distributing the assets of a deceased person’s estate to heirs and beneficiaries. Our attorneys often represent clients in succession litigation and monitor successions handled by other lawyers to ensure our clients’ rights are protected.

Succession can be very complex if there are controversies in the will or if the deceased person did not have a good estate plan.

Complexities include:

A family business
A poorly drafted will
Questions of interpretation of a will
Assets that are difficult to handle or value
Questions over the validity of a will
Forced heirship issues
If the estate is large, estate tax issues

For executors, we ensure the succession process is handled correctly to protect the executor from being sued. We also represent heirs to make sure the succession process is being handled properly. We handle probate litigation such as will contests and issues of malfeasance or fraud.

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